Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping costs?

  • Within the United States, shipping is a flat rate of $7.95.
  • Shipping to Canada and U.K. is $23.95 in a padded flat rate envelope and can weigh up to 4 pounds. If your order weighs more than 4 pounds and/or can't fit into a padded envelope, we will message you with two options. We can remove and refund items from your order to make it fit into an envelope or we can invoice for the additional shipping.

    If you live in other countries, please contact us for shipping information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Your billing address must be the same as where your credit card statement is sent.

We also accept Paypal. You must be a verified Paypal member.

Do you keep my credit card number?

We never see your credit card number as all our orders are processed through Paypal or Paypal Merchant Services.

When will my order ship?

In some cases, the order will ship the same day or within 28 business days.

What happens if items I ordered are out of stock?

We will contact you if we can not complete the entire order.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation requests will be treated on a case by case basis. If we've already started working on your order, then there will be a 50% cancellation fee.

What is your return policy?

Scentral Station does not accept returns (unless the product was shipped in error on our part). We do not accept returns because you do not like the fragrance. Due to the personal nature of our products, quality control issues prevent us from accepting returns.

What should I do if my package is delivered damaged or I haven't received it within a week of being notified that it has been shipped?

Your packages are packed securely and hand inspected before they are shipped. However, we have no control over the carrier's handling of your packages. Scentral Station will not be held responsible for damaged packages. Your package is insured up to $50. If your order is over $50, you can purchase extra insurance by saying so in the comments section of your order and I will bill you for it.

If your package does not arrive within a week after you're notified that it has been shipped, contact Scentral Station.

Purchasing from this website constitutes acceptance of our terms.

Do you offer free samples?

In order to keep our low prices, we can not give free samples.

Why are Scentral Station products packaged so simply?

I've researched extensively to offer you the very best quality scented home and body and bath care items. My packaging is classy and simple so that these highest quality products which I've deliberately and strenuously tested and sourced are spotlighted when you open up your package.

Do you wholesale your products?

We do not wholesale.

Where do you ship to?

We ship within the United States and to Canada.

All prices are subject to change without notice.