Perfume Roll-ons - Scentral Station

Small enough to carry with you; No spillage with the tight cap

perfume roll-on


These perfume roll-ons are made from 100% pure concentrated oil and our specially made dry oil base to moisturize your skin with strong and true fragrance. These perfume roll-ons are packaged in a 1/3oz bottle with a secure cap. These perfume roll-ons contain no alcohol or D.P.G. and will not leave your skin with a greasy feeling. Perfume roll-ons are great for layering scent when used in combination with body sprays. Just a couple dabs is all you need of these perfume roll-ons for constant scent all day or night.

Although we call these perfume roll-ons, they are also made in fragrances that men of all ages will enjoy. Perhaps someone can recommend a more unisex name for these??

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