Oil Rings - Light Bulb Rings

Oil Rings are a great way to bring fragrance to a room

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fragrance oil ringsfragrance oil rings
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Sometimes you may want to bring fragrance in your home but don't have the space (or want a lit flame) for a candle or oil burner. Oil rings, sometimes referred to as light bulb rings, are the perfect answer. Place the oil ring on a light bulb, add 5 to 10 drops of our long-lasting fragrance oil into the grooved lip of the oil ring, then turn on the light. The bulb's heat will warm the oil ring and diffuse the fragrance, scenting your room with wonderful fragrance. Use caution not to let any fragrance oil drip directly on the light bulb. We recommend using an oil light bulb ring with bulbs up to 60 watts. Unfortunately, oil rings do not fit on the energy saving squiggly bulbs.

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