Lotion Bars - Solid Lotion

1/3 oz of solid lotion

Lotion bars contain no water so you use less and there is no waste Solid lotion bars contain no water so less is needed for a moisturizing effect, thus making solid lotion bars better value than liquid lotion. This is solid lotion so there are no spills. Gentle enough to use on your face (but keep away from your eyes)! Behind your knees, on your elbows, the heels of your feet -- anywhere you want to be scented and moisturized, this cute little container is filled with the stuff to do it! These solid lotion bars are made with organic sunflower oil and shea butter which are so absorbing and good for your skin. The container is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Lotion bars would make great favors for a Sweet 16, birthday party or any occasion at all.
Please note:
Our wax melts, lotion bars and soaps are made to order.
Please have patience.
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