Wax Tarts, Handmade Soaps, Fragrance Oils, Incense

           Palm wax cubes in clam shells are easy to store and gives you a large amount of scent                  palm wax tarts
Our tarts are now offered in bags of 8 or 12 for blending your own fragrances.

handmade soaps made with olive oil and other fine ingredients
Handmade soaps made with the finest oils (such as coconut and olive) and scented with essential oils.

an impressive selection of 100% concentrated fragrance oils available in many sizes
Fragrance oils can be used in oil warmers, oil rings, to refreshen potpourri, on a paper towel in front of your vents, or in your vacuum. We'd love to hear from our customers how they use our fragrance oils. Please note: your fragrance oil most likely will ship in plastic bottles. If you order 4 oz, you may receive two 2 oz bottles.

Shower Gels, Lotion Bars, Body Mist, Perfume, Lip Balms
We scent you in your shower or bath and all through the day and night.

Incense enthusiasts rejoice! We carry incense sticks, incense cones, incense coils, and incense gift sets. Something for everyone!
Incense enthusiasts rejoice! We carry a large variety of incense.